Team LeadMotor

Ambitious on your behalf

This section is actually more about you than us. It's about your dreams and goals - and how we can help you unlock your potential. This is the reason we exist.

Engineers of technology based business development

Yep - it's true. LeadMotor®️ is not to be confused with any regular marketing agency. The founders all have an engineering background, specialized in technology based business development, with a passion for sales, finance and growth. This is the foundation LeadMotor®️ is built on.

Your LeadMotor®️ team

These are some of the country's best inbound marketing specialists. They go to work every day to create and take your lead generation and pipeline management to the next level.

This is one top-tuned bunch! They all come from different backgrounds and many years of experiences. Many would say we're geeky - but we just call it being a LeadMotor®️ consultant.

It means you're in for a dedicated team, who has a deep understanding of your company, goals, target group and their challenges—and how this can be used to systematically drive the growth of your company.

Your team is tremendously resourceful. Beside their experience and knowledge, they've got the strengths of their colleagues to support them, with whom sparring sessions occur weekly.

Learning and development as the cornerstone

We don't do gut feelings. Everything we do is has it's origins in validated learning, which means that everything is tested and validated before it has our recommendations. Every single one specialist at LeadMotor®️ works by this principle. 

Everyone is Facebook and LinkedIn certified and we're continuously upskilling various skillsets within several areas.

A mission that impacts you noticeably

The challenge with missions is that they're often seen as nonpractical clichés. We've done something about that. Our mission is pretty clear and we operationalize it actively every day: "We drive growth in B2B companies through online lead generation and pipeline management, which systematically finds new leads and qualifies them for sales."

Additionally, all projects are carefully selected prior to initiating a LeadMotor®️ partnership. If we can't be sure that we're able to deliver the value and growth you expect, you can be sure we'll be starkly honest about it.  

Our 6 values

Responsibility, Development, Drive, Honesty, Transparency and Team Work. These are the 6 values that are deeply ingrained in our daily work—both internally and externally. It means our clients are always fully aware of what work is being done and how it's performing. Internally, our values are manifested through our daily work. Every month we exemplify how each value is operationalized through the sharing of a concrete happening of the passing month. 

Meet our team of specialists

Click on a LeadMotor®️ specialist and learn more about who's working in the engine room.

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Webinars, articles and videos

Knowledge that grows your company

Collectively, our LeadMotor®️ team has spent more time on B2B marketing and sales than it has taken to build the ancient pyramids of Giza.

We've gathered our top learnings, ready for you to be inspired by and use in your daily marketing and sales efforts. For now, most of them are in Danish, but we're working hard to have them all translated as soon as humanly possible!

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